Whether you're stationed in Europe or just visiting, you can tour WWII history sites
on your own. Our self-guided trips augment the existing books and professional WWII
guides, and add off-the-beaten-track spots and stories from people who lived the
history. Directions always start from our home base of Ramstein/Landstuhl, about
100 miles southwest of Frankfurt.  
Contact us if you'd like a personalized tour, please.
"The Bulge In a Day" Trip  
takes you through the Southern
Shoulder of the Battle of the Bulge in
one day. Here's a little bit of
everything: Gen Patton's grave,
foxholes, battle sites, bunkers, a
museum, and lots of personal stories
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Books and Guides: Tours of the
WWII European Theater
Witnesses to War: The
Personal Stories from All
WWII sites "Ala Carte":  links
to bunkers, museums,
cemeteries, battle sites by topic
The Siegfried Line in the KMC:
bunkers, outpost, dragons teeth
A German Infantryman
Comes Looking for the GI
Who Saved His Life
In Jan 1945, GI Ike Refice (L) pulled
wounded Panzergrenadier
Horst Przybilski
(R) to safety. Sixty years later they  found
each other, and now get together every
June in Luxem.
Read the story here
Story of the Malmedy Massacre and
Trial at the Battle of the Bulge"
Danny S. Parker
. Purchase of the book
also gives access to primary source
documents and additional research
materials  on
Danny Parker's website
1.SS Panzer Division Commander Jochen
Peiper's column ran into an American
convoy 17 Dec 1944, and  a few hours
later 80 US POWS lay dead in a field.  
What really happened at the Baugnez
crossroads and afterwards at the bungled
US military trial? As a research assistant
for author Danny Parker, I can tell you
this is a top notch book based on hundreds
of interviews from both US and German
sides. This book will be followed in 2012
with a new bio on Jochen Peiper. Read
the excellent
Kirkus review for more info.
Interested in the Air War
Over Europe (and the KMC)?
The above photo is from a British Stirling
excavation in April 2011. A year later,
families of the RAF crew members
(below) returned to place a memorial and
meet the villagers who witnessed the
crash. A New Zealand newspaper
the story. Want to get involved? Contact
Uwe Benkel  - everyone is welcome
 The Working Group for the Missing is
always looking for more US contacts to
assist with research and plane recovery.
Uwe Benkel and his group have several
ongoing projects including recovery of a
Lancaster bomber near Grunstadt.  
    More KMC Bunkers Found
One of about
10 new bunkers
located within
10 miles of
Thanks to Matt Earnest for finding many of
these, and to Patrick and Brandon Zenke for
helping with the legwork. Take a day and
check out these Westwall relics -info soon,
but here's a
map if you can't wait!
Westwall Museum is Open for
the Season in Pirmasens
Don't miss this
huge bunker and  
fine museum 40
minutes from the
KMC. Open
afternoons only -
dress warm!
The official website "The Pfalz in Motion" is
devoted to the history of this Pfalz region
with ideas for both history & recreational  
outings, and all in English. But anytime
you're hiking through the forest, think like an
engineer to find bunkers, flak stands, and
OP's here in the "Luftverteidigung
West" (Air Defense Zone, West). High
points, fields of fire, route control - nothing
has changed. This zone extended 50 km
west from the border at Saarbrucken and the
KMC is smack dab in the middle of it.
Helen Patton recently reunited a former
German POW held in a Russia camp for
four years with the very piano that saved
his life in 1945. A documentary film on
Rudolf Strassner's story is in the works,
and meanwhile the 83 year old composer  
can "play to his heart's content" on that
very piano, brought from Russia to
n by Helen in April 2012. Read
this amazing story from the Patton Stiftung
Helen Patton Reunites a
Russian POW With His Piano
The two old
soldiers during
ir yearly
reunion, 2010
Rudolf Strassner, Ike Refice and Horst Przybilski's stories are included in a new book
"Portraits of Service", featuring veterans of all ages and conflicts. A fine photo of Ike
and Horst is on the cover.
 Pre-order here.  
Now Available from Amazon