Arlon Belgium Military Flea Market
Three halls - hundreds of vendors
- militaria from the 1800's to Iraq
- there's more stuff here than you
can believe! The market is held
from 0930 - 1430 six times a
year, usually in January, March,
May, July, September, and
November. Call (032) 63 2216 66
for the exact dates
What is There to See? Three indoor halls filled with uniforms, equipment,
photos, magazines...everything imaginable from the Francio-Prussian war to
Commanders Coins from OEF/OIF. The market costs a few Euros and runs from
0915 until about 1430, though they start packing up around 1300. You have to
move fast to even scan everything!

How Long Does It Take? Driving time is about 1 hour 45 minutes, all autobahn.
We'd advise being there when it opens; parking can be a long hike from the
entrance. Arlon makes an enjoyable one day trip, or can be combined with
Belgium antique markets on a weekend.

What Services are Available? There is a simple snack bar and restrooms inside
the hall, with many restaurants available in the city of Arlon.

What Else Do I Need to Know? Dress warmly and wear old clothes - you'll get
dirty looking through boxes, etc. Some vendors speak English but many don't, and
all information is in French. Be prepared to park on the street, hike several blocks
to the hall, and wait in a crowd outside for the market to open. We don't
recommend taking small children due to the crowds, piles of merchandise, and
austere conditions.  Our friend and militaria vendor
George Daubenfield cautions
buyers to watch out for fakes and reproductions - stop past to say hello or ask his
advice if you spot his display! We always check with him first if we're looking for
something specific.  Prices are equivalent to European ebay, and generally cheaper
than on US ebay.

Getting There:
Directions:  Take A62 (which merges into A1)  to Trier (~ 1 hour). Follow signs
toward "Luxembourg" on A 602, then E44/A64. Follow the autobahn on E44
through Luxembourg City and then on E25 toward Arlon and Liege. This is all
easier than it sounds. As you near Arlon, take Exit #31 onto N82 toward Arlon.
This is the second Arlon exit - don't take the first Arlon exit! Take the first right
turn after 500 meters on Rue de Lorraine. Continue about 700 meters and turn
left at the main intersection with Avenue du Bois D'Arlon.  In 1.2 km watch for
the turn left toward "Parc des Exposition" - you'll see the cars and several
buildings.  For GPS use, enter Hall Polyvalent, Parc des Exposition, 6700 Arlon
Be sure to say hello at the Arlon market to our friend George Daubenfield, aka
"Helmet George".  He is a regular vendor and has been handling US and German
militaria since he was five years old. If you are looking for a specific WWII
artifact, we will be the middleman and put you in contact with George - his
advice can be trusted when it comes to authenticity.  We want to especially
thank George for years of faithful help in entertaining Wounded Warriors from
Landstuhl on WWII history trips to the Battle of the Bulge sites. He is a
storyteller extraordinaire!