Baumholder - Sixty Years on the Rock
WHAT IS THERE TO SEE? Understand WW2's impact on a rural village through a walking tour of the historic downtown and the site of an abandoned village seized for German military training in the pre-war buildup. Visit the local history museum downtown and the original German  base. We're sad to say the Official Ironsides Musuem has now closed. .
HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? One half to a full day. Figure 30 minutes travel from Ramstein, 1-2 hours for the walking tour, a 15 min. drive around base, and 1 hour to visit Erzweiler (five miles east of town).
DIRECTIONS: Drive north from Ramstein/KMC on A-62 direction Trier, exit at Freisen and follow signs. Precise directions are in  the link "Visiting Baumholder" below.
FOOD & PARKING: Food is available on base or at numerous restaurants (including a McDonalds) in Baumholder. Parking is free behind the Rathaus downtown.
WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW?  This trip appeals to families with elderly guests or young children who don't want to spend hours in the car. Be aware the walking tour involves some hills, and the museum is not wheelchair accessible. Access to the Baumholder post requires an ID card. Visiting Erzweiler requires supervision of small children due to the highway.
MORE INFO: Check the links below for historical background and tour instructions.
Visiting Baumholder: The Details
A Walking Tour of Old Baumholder
History Part 2:  The War Comes to Baumholder
History Part 1: Baumholder and Erzweiler in the Early War Years
History Part 3: The Amis Arrive and the War is Over
Map/Directions to the Baumholder Sites
From Afrika Korp to Ambassador: Baumholder's Herbert & Ruth Grimm  
NEW Sept 08:
1941 photos of the Baumholder post as the Afrika Korp deploys in Mar 41, plus an interview with Obergefreiter Hermann Klink who trained on post Sept 41- Mar 42.
Baumholder's past as a German post is often a surprise to the current tenants. Do you see the swastika still embedded on the stones in Building 3809? This ~ 1938 piece of history is directly across from the entrance to the 1/6 Motor Pool lot on Cherry St., behind the Chapel  located on Chicago Ave.