Books:Touring European WWII Sites
These books provide what you need to see the "big stuff" in the ETO. The only
drawback is there's not much on the Southern Shoulder of the Battle of the Bulge,
and nothing on WWII sites in the KMC area. We've tried to fill this gap with this
website.   All of the tours books are available on Amazon, and at least one is in the
KMC library system.  If you can only afford one and are interested mainly in the
Bulge, buy Cavanagh's book. If you anticipate travel throughout Europe,
The 25
Best World War II Sites, European Theater
covers sites from London to Russia
and provides excellent directions.
A Tour of the Bulge Battlefield by William Cavanagh.
Indisputably the best book for touring the Bulge from the
foremost historian in Europe.  Most of the chapter on the
Southern Shoulder is also available on the website of the
National Military Museum of Luxembourg,
The 25 Best World War II Sites, European Theater by Chuck
Thompson.  Excellent schematics, well-organized, thorough.
This one had sites in Berlin I'd never heard of even though we
lived there 2 years.
The Battle for the German Frontier by Charles Whiting.  A
little bit of everything, but a little confusing at times too.
Contains schematics, quotes, photos, and tours.
Looking for General Recommended Reading on WWII?
Click here for my reading list of my favorites covering the ETO in WWII. In
addition,  I can't resist these "If you Only Have Time to Read One Book..."

Overview of the Bulge: The Battle of the Bulge by Danny Parker
Normandy and DDay: The Bedford Boys by Alex Kershaw
The Hitler Resistance: The Power of Solitude by Marion Yorck von Wartenburg
Berlin: Berlin At War by Roger Moorhouse
Army Nurses: And If I Perish by Evelyn Monahan & Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee
Photographs: Entering Germany by Tony Vaccaro
Grave Detail: Safely Rest by David Colley
Aftermath of War: German Boy by Wolfgang Samuel
The Air War: Those Who Fall by John Muirhead
Civilian Memories of War: Milly's Story by Milly Thill
Gestapo: Stella by Peter Wyden
Espionage: Agent ZigZag by Ben Macintyre
The Wounded:  One Soldier's Story by Bob Dole
Bravery: Brave Men by Ernie Pyle. Really...anything by Ernie Pyle.
The Tank War: Another River, Another Town by John P. Irwin
German Infantry: Frontsoldaten by Stephen G. Frtiz
The Liberation of Europe: The Bitter Road to Freedom by William Hitchcock

Have you spent any time training at Graf?
German Sgt Major Gerald Morgenstern has written a
page-turner on the history of Grafenwoehr training area.
Photos, maps, well-translated English narrative - this is an
excellent book. The book is available only through his
website. Click on the "Bestellen" on the left side of the site, or
email him personally for questions - he speaks good  English.  
Berlin 1933-1945 by Maik Kopleck. By far the most
comprehensive guide to WWII sites in Berlin. Maps, photos,
narrative - this is the one to have. If you forget to order, it's
also available in the bookstore at the Akadamie der Kunst, next
to the Brandenburg Gate.
Battle of the Bulge Then and Now by Jean Pallud. A
treasury of historic narrative and then-and-now photos. It's
big, heavy, and pricey.  But really, you need it if you want to
explore more obscure Bulge sites.  
Return to Honor by KMC resident L.J. Elmore . A historical
novel about the intertwined lives of a German and American
soldier. Includes local details and a good plot. We enjoyed it!
Available on Amazon.
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