The Bulge in a Day -page 2
As you continue 24 km toward Diekirch, note the Orangehof Hotel just past the pullout. Behind the hotel is the white farmhouse where historian Emil Hansen grew up. During the quiet fall of 1944, his family entertained and fed German soldiers during the day and American soldiers during the evening. During the Bulge it was a field medical station. An amazing story!   
Along this river between Germany and Luxembourg, every bridge was blown by the Germans in Sept 1944 to delay the push into Germany. Villages on the Luxembourg side were evac'd and then occupied by US Forces in Oct 1944. In Diekirch, park in the lot next to the church at the T-intersection, and have lunch before the museum opens at 1400.
The National Museum of Military History is a don't-miss comprehensive museum; info on visiting is here. More info, walking trails, a virtual museum tour -  their official web site will keep you busy for hours
Backtrack on the road toward Echternach along the river 6 km to Reisdorf. In town, turn right on the road toward Beaufort. Heading up the hill, note the monument to two platoons of GIs cut off for three days in the forest above the road. A road to the left near the top of the hill leads to foxholes in the forest. Continue past Cafe Adam into Beaufort
Hotel Meyer was the CP for the 60th Armored Div. and site of hand-to-hand fighting 16 Dec 44. Men fought their way out through the bathroom when they were left behind during the pullout. To see foxholes, drive through Beaufort and straight toward the forest at the small roundabout.
Drive out of Beaufort in the direction of Grundhof and Berdorf. Note the first curve left as the road leaves Beaufort. Off the right side in the shallow depression is the site of a fatal attack on the Div. Commander of the 276th Volksgrenadiers.
German Major-General Kurt Moehring was killed on 18 Dec 1944 riding in his American jeep in the dark. Americans claimed the kill, but many Luxembourgers believe the Germans killed their General in a friendly fire incident. The Diekirch museum has his officers cap, belt, and map case displayed in its collection.
Descend into the rocky ravine where German and US troops fought under tough conditions, and turn right at the intersection toward Berdorf. As the street enters town, watch for the old hotel on the left as the street turns  right toward the church. 
The five day siege of 54 soldiers at the Parc "Fortress" Hotel is a WWII Bulge classic. The drama included a hostage attempt, $5600 in missing payroll funds, two of three outposts wiped out, a harrowing nighttime escape - it's all here. The old 12th Inf Div. Command Post stands empty now and the fence with the bullet holes is disappearing in sections. The planter made from a tank's bogey wheel has already disappeared. Hurry or this piece of history will be gone.   
Drive through Berdorf  toward Echternach, into the rocky cliffs known as "Little Switzerland". Watch for a pull-out on the left side of the road. US medics set up a field medical station here during heavy fighting in the Bulge. Watch for the large building about 900 meters after entering the trees on the left, the BelAir Hotel.
The old part of this hotel was first a German military hospital, and then an American hospital prior to the Bulge. The hospital was hastily evac'd as the attack started. A book written by a WWII physician there  reported the staff slept on the top floor and worked 12 hours on, 12 hours off.
Turn right toward Echternach and continue through town. Watch for the Hat Factory straight ahead on the street - the German tanks fired point blank along this stretch. Turn right at the Aral Station onto Rue d'Osweiler, direction Osweiler.