In spite of the distance from KMC,  the Normandy beaches are a must-see for most WWII enthusiasts. Plan a two+  to four day trip, and click on the buttons for more information.

The area of  USA WW2 historical interest extends 84 kms from Caen to St. Mere Eglise. Travel in the area is slow due to tiny roads, confusing signs, and traffic so allow plenty of time.  There’s no shortage of fascinating historical sites – it’ll take a minimum of two days to cover the American sector, and there’s plenty to keep history nuts busy for a week.

Regardless, a little reading prior to visiting Normandy will enhance your understanding of this area, and resources are listed on the left.  If time is short, several reputable companies offer DDay tours that eliminate the hassle and provide an excellent overview for those with money to spend.

Be prepared for windy and drizzly weather year round, coupled with stingy central heating in accommodations. Rain gear, sturdy shoes/boots, and warm clothes are advisable regardless of the season.  Summer visitors can swim on Omaha beach and experience the irregular sand bars, tides, and currents for themselves.
Omaha Beach
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29th Infantry veteran Gale Garman at the 60th anniversary ceremony. Gale landed in the second wave on Omaha Beach and fought his way across Europe. With him is Abby Shields, who met him through an oral history project on DDay. 
Special thanks to the DDay Veterans who have shared their personal and often painful memories with us. Al, Gale, Stuart, Irving, Norm, Arnold, Harold, and all the rest - you are heroes in our eyes.
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