The Heideblick Hockerlinie "Dragons Teeth"
Then...Unknown location showing
usual location along roadways
Now...the Heideblick Dragons
Teeth close up
This well-preserved patch of anti-tank obstructions includes both cement triangles and deep pits, or "tank graves". The fortification was manufactured at a cement plant previously located behind the private residence visible from the parking area. A entrepreneur named Sax provided the cement for the Westwall in this area and reputedly made a hefty profit from the war construction. Following the war the factory went "kaput" and the present resident's father bought the factory from the bank at a foreclosure sale, and in fact the residence is constructed of materials from the old factory.

The Hockerlinie used to extend across the road up the hill  to the site of the Heidehof bunker. The location was only a few miles behind the border during the pre-war years and was in place to "protect Kaiserslautern", we were told. As a child in the 1960's, a local said he found a huge pile of crushed gas masks in the ditch near the "Haus Heideblick" turnoff. He described the remains of the Westwall as the perfect childhood playground with wartime relics, particularly bullets,  scattered through the area. "We played in these things all the time," he laughed.
To visit the Heideblick Dragons Teeth
Drive west on B40 out of Landstuhl and follow the sign  toward “Lambsborn” in Bruchmuhlbach.   Bear right off the main road into Lambsborn. Continue through the village of Lambsborn toward Bechhofen.  Approximately 700 meters out of town, turn left at the  bus stop circular  "H" sign, on a farm road labeled “Haus Heideblick”.  Park at the fork in the road and walk along the tree line parallel to the highway approximately 130 yards.  A well-preserved  emplacement of dragon’s teeth  is visible about 20 yards into the forest.
Map to the Heideblick Dragons Teeth
The intact enclosing wall on the south side of the Heideblick patch
Looking downhill across the Hockerlinie. Note the walls of the pits behind each row of
Earthwork fortifications are reputed to be above the Hockerlinie - more info later!