More Photos of the Echternach/Weilerbach Area
During the German occupation between May 1940 and Sept 1944, the German HQ on this side of this river was in the basement of the Grand Hotel. The main German HQ was across the river at Ernzerhof, about 600 meters behind the rocky prominence visible on the bluff above Echternach. The bunkers there are still visible adjacent to the restaurant.
This old postcard shows the German observation point overlooking Echternach. The road to Luxembourg, dubbed "The Bowling Alley" by GIs, is visible in the distance. Access to all routes into Echternach  was easily controlled from this vantage point. Hill 313 is in the upper right corner.
This old photo was taken right on top of the (later) German bunker, looking across the old railroad bridge into Luxembourg. Today there are more hotels to the left, and a 5th Division monument to the right of of the photo. Some locals think Patton crossed the Sauer here. There is a covered walkway bridge here now.