A Few of the Gerstfeldhohe  Displays
"The Reichsarbeitsdienst calls! Everyone in the nation should go through their school". One of many unusual displays on the RAD, including the women's role .
An all-inclusive gas mask for "walking children" - a crib model was available for infants. Note the hand or foot-operated bellows. Check this link for WWII-era  "instructions".
Troops from the 6.SS.Gebirgsdivision.Nord were housed in the bunker in early 1945 after fighting in Finland against the Russians.  SS troops from the 17.SS.Panzergrenadier Division remained in the area until the Allied breakthrough in March 1945. Several displays cover their weapons, equipment, and living conditions.
The museum has an amazing collection of US bombs and ordnance salvaged from the area. Make sure to check out the page on the air war over Pirmasens - the coordination of attacks by various units is unbelievable considering it was done without computers.  
By this point you're going to be FREEZING, but don't skip a walk through the unrestored tunnels..they're wet, cold, creepy, and were a refuge for many local civilians during the air war.