Map/Directions to Hinzert Concentration Camp
Drive north about 60 km on Autobahn A62 direction "Trier" and exit at Reinsfeld. Follow the green signs labeled "Gedenkstatte ehemaliges/SS Sonderlager KZ Hinzert". The brochure available in the chapel area has a map of the entire site on the back, and the centerfold has a detailed (and confusing!) layout of the camp, both past and present. The mass grave sites are about 3 km into the forest on the other side of the Autobahn. 

If you don't have time to stop, the site of the camp and chapel are visible for about 5-10 seconds from the north/west bound side of the Autobahn.  About 400-500 meters past the Hochwald rest/gas station complex, look to the right. The POW area was in the open meadow below the road, and the small white building marks the SS area.