The SS Special
Camp/Concentration Camp Hinzert
This photo is most likely taken
from the barracks area looking
toward the present-day site of
the museum.  Some camp
reports mentioned a "low-lying
electric fence in progressive
rows" during the later years of
the camp.
What is There to See? Hinzert today includes an interactive museum, site of
the SS barracks/admin area, remains of the prison quarry, a memorial chapel,
three mass grave sites of Luxembourg and Russian POWs in the nearby forest,
and a cemetery containing remains of POWs who could not be identified or
repatriated. The incomprehensible juxtaposition of a death camp next to a quiet
village is worth a detour through Poelert.

How Long Does It Take? Plan on half a day to see it all, an hour onsite for a
quick visit. The site is about 30 minutes north of Ramstein, directly off the
autobahn. Autobahn 62 passes directly through the former camp (actually
through the edge of the quarry); the chapel and site of the POW area are briefly
visible just north of the Hochwald gas station.

What Else Do I Need to Know? The site is mostly outside so dress warm in
winter and watch for mud on the road to the mass graves. Hinzert can be visited
at any time but museum is closed on Monday.  Informational displays in English
explain the camp and brochures (in English) are usually available in the
memorial chapel area.  No food service is available at Hinzert.

Directions to Hinzert Concentration Camp
Historical Info on Hinzert
The Museum
A comprehensive 20 page guide to Hinzert from the National Center for
Political Education is available at this site:  Go to the "Service Box" on the
right, then  "Downloads", then
 "Blaetter zum Land"  and "Die Gedenkstaette
SS-Sonderlager/KZ Hinzert" and finally "English".
It's a PDF file.
Personal Stories from Hinzert