"The Last Flight": A Flying Fortress
and Its Crew
Goes Down in Kusel
Those who died in the 9 Aug 44 crash were Jan Loftis's uncle SSgt.Anthony
Burroughs (back row on the right), Pilot 2LT Sterling Bristol  (back left
, whose
brother and family visited the site in October 2010
), and Navigator 2LT John
Faulkner (back row in the middle). Jan has met many of the survivors, including
co-pilot 2LT Billy Allison (2nd from left, back) and SSgt Anthony Mosca (2nd
from right, front). Read
Klaus Zimmer's article below for details.
Marek Dziewa's fine drawing of the plane, with correct numbering and insignia,
was given as a gift to Jan Loftis in honor of her uncle. Marek's vivid aircraft
drawings are often displayed at Crash Recovery events and depict the air war in
this area.
Scenes from Great
Ashfield, the
English air base
where the 38th
Bomb Group was