The Lambsborn Area Bunkers
One source said there were 39 bunkers in Lambsborn during the war - surely I misunderstood!  Then another source reported 36 bunkers. The map below from a Lambsborn local history book confirmed a number in the thirties.  Most of the bunkers are reported to have been blown up post-war, but several still exist and have been located.  Check out more info on this web page under "virtual tours" then "Lambsborn":
Looking up from the highway - the Waldstrasse bunker is just to the right of the house
Remains of a 10-man observation bunker on Waldstrasse, looking east
The bunker at the intersection of Waldstrasse and Bergstrasse. Bunker is in the foreground between the Fire Department building and tree.
This dagger was found in the 1960's by boys playing in the Heidehof bunker site. It's described as a police dagger. The owner said "lots of stuff was left behind", particularly bullet casings. A pile of crushed gas masks was found by the same man, not far from the bunker along the highway.
The Possberg Hutte built on top of the Heidehof bunker, almost across the road from the Dragons Teeth. One source said the bunker still exists below the modern HQ for the local hiking club. The site is near the Heidehof farm on a forest path which eventually turns into Waldstrasse, site of another bunker.  
The black boxes on the 1938 map below are bunkers. Bechofen is to the left and Bruchmuhlbach to the right in the photo.