Map to the Thaleischweiler Bunker
Directions: Take Autobahn A62 from Landstuhl south direction Pirmasens.  Exit at Thaleischweiler just after crossing the bridge (about 12 km from Landstuhl) and turn toward Thaleischweiler. Stay on the priority road (right fork) through town on L477; don't turn onto Pirmasenstrasse at a confusing intersection in town. Continue about 1 kilometer out of town past the turns onto L475 and L476. About 400 meters past the intersection is an marked gravel road to the right. The bunker is about 100 meters up the road - watch for a turnout on the right and the bunker is directly on the left.

For family members bored with WWII, stop past the Steinschloss castle ruins. As you come off the autobahn and turn left, immediately look for a turn off on the right with several gravel roads. Double back parallel to the road and follow the small sign to Steinenschloss. The castle is at the top of the hill, and has English signs.