Ted Paluch, A Survivor of the Malmedy Massacre
T/5 Paluch's sworn statement from Feb 1945 and a wartime photo
Official US ARMY account of the Malmedy Massacre
Mr. Paluch was the only Malmedy Massacre survivor to attend the dedication of Baugnez 44 Historical Center 17 December 07. He was accompanying a Battle of the Bulge tour  and was obviously a favorite of the group!
Ted Paluch, taken 17 Dec 07
On 17 December 44,Tech SGT (T/5) Ted Paluch was in a convoy of the 285th Field Artillery Observation Battalion. Traffic was in near-gridlock, with the convoy coming from Malmedy and turning right at the Baugnez crossroads toward Ligneuville. Lead elements of the 1st SS Panzer Regiment "Kampfgruppe Peiper" on a parallel road spotted the US convoy heading the opposite direction and cut across the 200-300 meter field to engage them. The Americans were easily overtaken and assembled in a field.  What happened next to the ~ 175 POWs has never been definitively determined and the numbers vary slightly with each reference. As a general figure, 84 men died, 25 were wounded, and 56 men survived.  The bodies lay in the field undisturbed until 14 January 45 when they were recovered by Grave Registration personnel.
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