Map/Directions to Malmedy Belgium
Baugnez is ~ 3 km outside Malmedy
Malmedy is ~ 200 km/2 hours from Ramstein                    
Drive north on Autobahn 62 from Ramstein in the direction of Trier. Autobahn 62 merges into Autobahn 1 at about 50 km, and continues another 50 km to the outskirts of Trier. Continue on Autobahn 1 (direction Wittlich/Koblenz) to Kreuz Wittlich, exiting at exit #126 onto Autobahn 60 toward Bitburg. Continue in the direction fo "Prum" and "Liege" as you enter Belgium on what is now Autobahn A27. Take exit 11 toward Malmedy and follow signs toward "Waimes" through the town. About 3-4 km out of town, watch closely and turn right at the intersection toward "Ligneuville". The monument is at the intersection on the left with the museum about 100 meters on the right.  The field where the massacre took place is located just before reaching the museum, on the right side of the road across from the outdoor monument.