Baugnez 44 Historical Center
This new museum is adjacent to the site of the 17 December 1944 Malmedy Massacre. Photos show the dedication ceremony December 2007 attended by three US veterans and many well-known members of the WWII historical community in Europe. 

The museum is open every day from 1000-1800, and includes a small Brasserie (restaurant) and gift shop. Admission is 7.50 Euros and  English language audioguides are available. The museum includes over 2000 items of US and German militaria, including a rare Schwimmwagon, 25 minute film, personal items from well-known American officers, and a diorama showing the circumstances of the Massacre. The French website provides basic information for a visit: .
Al Goldstein & Frank Garret, 99th Infantry Div. veterans taken prisoner near Malmedy
Ted Paluch, 285th Field Artillery Observation Battalion & Malmedy Massacre Survivor
Veterans Frank Garret & Ted Paluch talking with historians/authors Danny S. Parker and Will Cavanagh  after the outdoor ceremony & wreath laying
Frank Garret with Adda Rikken
(above) Al Goldstein signing the guest book with very cold hands after the ceremony!
(left)Willi and Adda Rikken, Belgiums instrumental in establishing a memorial to the Wereth 11, with Ann Shields. The Wereth 11 were African-American tankers executed by the SS.