Panzergraben "Tank Graves" in
Panzergraben were anti-tank ditches placed along borders or strategic points.
The Waldmohr Panzergraben protected the pre-1936 German/French border,
and were located about 1500 meters behind the border. This ditch is about 30
meters across and I'm told it was originally 5 meters deep. Perhaps the
Panzergraben were placed here to also protect the German ordnance depot
located directly behind the ditches. The same ordnance bunkers (clearly visible
on google satellite) are now used by the US Army (Miesau Ammunition Depot).

Sources differ as to whether or not the present bunkers were built by the
Germans, or by the US forces postwar.
The road through the area was closed in
~ 1970.

After the war, cement debris, metal, etc. was tossed into the Panzergraben. A
neighbor who fishes there told me the ditches are "too dangerous to swim in"
due to currents and underwater debris. The water comes from the
partially-dammed Glan River, and is then redirected into the river at the
downstream end. There are three cement-rimmed rectangular pools in this
Panzergraben, all about the size of a football field. Much of the original retaining
wall is visible. Like most Panzergraben,  this area was designated as a nature
preserve area in the 1980's-1990's.

New information in 2010 reveals there may be a
Tiger I tank submerged in this
 Plans for excavation are in the works.
Map & Directions to the Waldmohr Panzergraben
These photos were taken from the same spot. The far side of the
Panzergraben still has the cement retaining wall, and the dam portion with
the downstream outlet is visible on the right.
This photo was
taken from the
downstream dam,
with the outlet on
the right. The
extend far beyond
what's visible in
the photo.
There are more water control
mechanisms visible at the far right edge
of the map, where the blue strip comes
near the autobahn. Just follow the road
below Eichelscheiderhof that runs east
along the green and white portions of
the map. Stop at the bridge to see these
devices, and look straight ahead to see
a perfectly preserved bunker. With a
"no photos" sign, unfortunately!
The Ordnance Depot fence is on the
right above.