The Siegfried Line in Lambsborn: "Dragons Teeth", Bunkers, & Roadblocks
1938 Foundation For a Gate Across the Highway
"Hockerlinie" Anti-tank Fortification at Heideblick
What Is There To See?   A well-preserved  plot of Dragonís Teeth, several bunkers, and the remains of roadblocks are visible near the village of Lambsborn, less than 10 kms from Landstuhl.  The largest patch of "Hockerlinie" is ~ 100 yard X 30 yard and almost completely intact.  Two bunkers are visible in nearby Lambsborn and the site of another is near the Dragons Teeth. The remnants of  two roadblock gates are visible in and  just outside Lambsborn.  Few people know Hitler made a personal visit to Lambsborn in May 1939 to inspect the same sites you'll see!
How Long Does it Take to Get There? Plan 10-15 minutes driving to Lambsborn from Landstuhl, and 1-2 hours to see the Heideblick Dragons Teeth, Heidehof bunker, two Lambsborn bunkers, and the highway roadblocks.  Combining the Lambsborn and Waldmohr sites make an interesting half-day trip without leaving the KMC. 
What Else Do I Need to Know?  The Heideblick tank traps are accessible from a farm road but require ~ 20 yards bushwhacking in the forest. Be careful - the mossy cement is slippery and the steel reinforcement rods are dangerous!  The bunker site on Heidehof requires a fairly steep 5-10 minute climb up from the road. The bunkers in Lambsborn are directly on the street.  Be careful of passing traffic at the  upper highway gate site as there is no safe place to park. 
The Tour - Close Up with Map
Directions to the Dragons Teeth, Bunkers, Roadblock Gates, and Border Crossing near Landstuhl
Dragons Teeth: Photos and History
The Lambsborn Bunkers: Photos and History
The Highway Roadblock Remains: Photos and History
Historical Overview of the Westwall in the KMC area
Recommended Reading? Several excellent resources for local information are available at the museum bookstores on this site. Most are in German but the photos and locations are worth the price alone.
      *The Westwall in the Area of Bad Bergzabern by Jorg Fuhrmeister    
              (in English)
      * Der Westwall: Geschichte und Gegenwart by Jorg Fuhrmeister
      * Der Westwall Heute im Bereich Sudwestpfalz by Gisbert W. Klar   
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