Westwall Roadblock, or "Strassensperre" near Lambsborn
Strassensperre were built where railways and roads pierced the Siegfried Line. In the type of gate seen on L464 at Lambsborn (probably a T-Trager), the cement posts were secured onto iron posts driven into the ground.  Four horizontal iron girders then formed a gate which could be swung open and closed. The gate must have been heavy, as a post card from the period shows five Wehrmacht soldiers straining to shut a gate. 
Recent construction on L464 in fall 2007 suggests the gate mounts here might be slated for removed. Update: the gates were removed in Dec 07.

One wonders if the roadblock was guarded by soldiers in the Lambsborn bunkers, or opened on demand?
The photo on the left shows the pair of gate mounts - look carefully between the two large trees across the road.

Another set of Strassensperre is located near Waldmohr.
Two More Strassensperre on Talstrasse Near the Sawmill
This pair of gates on Talstrasse, about 100 meters off the main treet, blocked the road to Rosenkopf on the eastern  perimeter of Lambsborn. Talstrasse winds past the gates up a steep hill where sources say earthwork fortifications still exist. Note one gate mount of this pair has been incorporated in a modern stone wall.
Map to the Lambsborn Strassensperre
Gone - Winter 07/08