The Siegfried Line or "Westwall"
Bunkers, Dragons Teeth, Museums, Panzergraben, &
Border Crossings in the KMC area
The Westwall, or Siegfried Line,
curved right through the KMC area.  
A surprising number of ruins still
stand in the village and forests, and
several bunkers have been turned
into museums.  Let me know if your
hikes turn up new sites and I'll post
them here! Click on the links for
more information.
A Bunker near
Dragons Teeth
Lambsborn "Heideblick"
Lambsborn X 3
Pirmasens "Gerstfeldhohe"
  ** Museum
Lambsborn Strassensperre
X 2
History of the Westwall in the KMC
Waldmohr Strassensperre
Waldmohr Panzergrabens
Border Crossings
Vogelbach & Waldmohr
Hitler's Visit to Lambsborn - an
Eyewitness Account
Four Short Westwall Trips in the KMC
The Lambsborn Loop: Bunkers, Dragons Teeth, Roadblocks
The Waldmohr Loop: Panzergraben, Border Crossings, a
Roadblock, and a 200 year old farm complex
The Pirmasens Loop: A bunker converted to a museum,
and a sealed bunker
The Siegfried Line "Ala Carte"
Waldmohr: A German Observation Point with Foxholes, Ringstand
Bunkers, Earthworks, Machine Gun Emplacement
Waldmohr's "Kochstands", or
one man bunkers
Waldmohr's Border OP
Bad Bergzabern bunker museum