The Siegfried Line in Waldmohr: Panzergrabens, a Roadblock, a Plane Crash, and a Border Crossing
Above is a Panzergraben, and on the right is a helpful man who pointed out an intact roadblock, slightly different from the ones in Lambsborn.
What is there to see?  A mostly-intact antitank barricade (Panzergraben, or "tank grave"), the cement posts of a border roadblock (Strassensperre), the French/German border-crossing, and a 200+ year old border farm where a P47 crashed.  This short tour complements the Lambsborn tour.
How long does it take? Waldmohr is about 20 minutes west  of Ramstein. Walking to the Panzergraben from Eichelscheiderhof takes about 5-10 minutes, with another 20-30 minutes to explore the area. The roadblock is right on the access road. The border crossing is on the other side of Waldmohr about 10 minutes away. Combining the Waldmohr and Lambsborn sites will take about a half day.
What else do I need to know? Access to the Panzergrabens goes right through a private farm - I asked permission ("Panzergraben?" will do) from the first person I saw and they waved me on.
Directions and map to the Waldmohr sites
Panzergraben photos and information
The Waldmohr German/French border crossing
The roadblock gate by Eichelscheiderhof
Eichelscheiderhof Farm - 250+ years of history & a plane crash