A Mystery Bunker near Thaleischweiler
Big bunker, little information. This description fits a bunker about 25 km southwest of Landstuhl near the historic Hitscherhof farm. The KMC military community may recognize this area as the site of the popular "Pumpkin Festival" very September. We discovered the bunker during a...uh...bathroom sidetrip last year, and know little about it.

The heavy steel bunker doors are welded shut. Unlike the Pirmasens bunker, this door is too small for a vehicle. An open cement building ~ 10 ft X 12 feet sits next to the entrance and is filled with trash. The electrical box has porcelain fixtures, old but age unknown. We would guess the cement panel in the floor connects somehow with the bunker. The paint on the door and small building looks aged but  not 70+ years old, so maybe this bunker was used by the US forces like the one in Pirmasens.

The Golf Club at Hitscherhof provided some wartime history of the immediate area. As already known, this area was in the "red zone" of the Westwall and suffered bomb damage. Hitscherhof farm was evacuated twice during the war, and livestock had to be abandoned when the inhabitants left for Kusel or Kaiserslautern. After the family returned to Hitscherhof (some of which had been held as POWs), hungry residents of nearby towns came to ask for food. Bunkers in the area were exploded under the French occupation.

The bunker entrance
The bunker door (welded shut)
Standing in front, you can feel the cool draft from the bunker.
The interior of the building
Map to the bunker
Let me know if you have new info and I'll post it!
Electrical box in the small building