Ann & Mo Shields
CMR 402 Box 297
APO AE 09180
based in
Mo is a retired teacher and family
counselor who guides WWII history
trips for military and civilian groups
in the KMC.
Ann is a US Army civilian nurse at
Landstuhl Regional Medical
Center. She watched too many
episodes of "Combat" as a child...  
Amateur history is our hobby and we're excited to answer questions or exchange
information.  If we can't answer your WWII inquiry, someone in our circle of
"WWII history nuts" likely can.
In June 07, Navy and Marines from Landstuhl put the primer coat on this tank at
Remember Museum in Clermont Belgium. Also pictured are Museum Directors
Marcel & Mathilde Schmetz and a visiting WWII vet and his wife. The "M&M"s
have hosted hundreds of WWII veterans and their families, and now generously
host wounded soldiers from Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.  Yes, the Navy &
Marines came back to finish the olive topcoat a few months later.
The only red Sherman tank in Belgium
Since 2007, both of us have been involved in the historical research for WWII
author Danny S. Parker's two new books. The first, "Fatal Crossroads: The Untold
Story of the Malmedy Massacre in the Battle of the Bulge" comes out in December
2011, followed by "A Deadly Past: The Rise and Fall of Jochen Peiper" in 2012.  
We've tracked Kampfgruppe Peiper through the Belgian forests, talked our way into
a royal castle, gotten caught in a dumpster at the German archives, and crashed the
Berlin Yacht Club. But the best part has been hearing the stories of old soldiers
from both armies.