Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial
The Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial is the final resting place of 5329 American military casualties, mostly from the Battle of the Bulge in winter 1944-45.  The site also served as the Central ID point for the American Graves Registration Service during the war.  Like all US military cemeteries, the grounds are meticulously maintained and the staff is ready to assist visitors in any way they can. Our friend Walter Benjamin (previously at Lorraine American Cemetery) welcomes a visit from KMC people who might be in the area for flea markets or furniture shopping - or combine all with a trip to the cemetery and Bastogne. . Liege is about 60 miles north of Bastogne on the same autobahn. 

Visiting the Ardennes Cemetery: The site in located 12 miles SW of Liege, on the edge of Neupre (Neuville-en-Condroz). The highway to Marche passes the cemetery. Parking and restrooms are on site, restaurants are available in the adjacent town. Driving time from KMC is about 3 hours, all Autobahn to Liege then 12 miles southwest.

Cemetery Events Through 2010:
   11 Nov 09 at 1100: Veteran's Day Ceremony
   12 Dec 09 at 1000:  Wreaths Across America Ceremony
        May 2010: Armed Forces Day Ceremony - watch for a date
   29 May 2020 at 1000: Memorial Day Ceremony
   31 May 2010 at 1000: Reading of the President's Proclamation
   23 Sep 2010 at 1500:  Graves Adoption Ceremony
   11 Nov 2010 at 1100: Veterans Day Ceremony
   11 Dec 2010 at 1000: Wreaths Across America Ceremony