The National Museum of Military History in Diekirch Luxembourg
One of the best WWII museums anywhere! Don't miss it if you're anywhere in the Southern Shoulder.
National Museum of Military History Luxembourg
10 Bamertal
L-9209 Diekirch Luxembourg
(0)352 808908
What is There to See?  Three floors and an exhibition hall packed with enough US and German WWII materiel to outfit an army.  This museum in an old brewery (with its own WWII history) includes weapons, vehicles, uniforms, medical equipment, photographs, personal items, and many impressive dioramas. There is so much stuff, you'll see something new each visit. Check out their excellent website for exhibits, photos and recent finds! And don't miss the "Bulge Trails" on the website, self-guided walks to bunkers and battlesites in the Diekirch area.

How Long Does it Take? The museum is about 2 hours from Ramstein - we recommend combining it with a day trip to Echternach and Lux City. Figure one to three hours in the museum depending on your interest. The walks will add several hours.

Food and Parking: The museum has a small bookstore but no food service; multiple restaurants are available right out the door in Diekirch. Parking is available in the lot next to the church, about 100 meters from the entrance.

What Else Do I Need to Know? Opening times vary with the season so check the website. Entrance is 5 Euro for adults, 3 Euro for military personnel and groups, and free to WWII vets. A 65 minute audioguide is available in English for 2.5 Euro and will add to your understanding.

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An original door along the street outside the museum - note the bullet holes