This is a few-hour-size sampling of the many bunkers
still around in our backyard.  Construction of these
"Westwall" remnants began in the late 1930's here, and
culminated in an
inspection tour by Hitler, Himmler, and
their Berlin entourage in May 1939. The
Ramstein/Pirmasens/Saarbruecken area sat right in the
"Luftverteidigungszone West", or "Air Defense Zone
West".  By the time the Americans came through
without resistance in March 1945, the bunkers were
unmanned. Most bunkers were exploded in the 1960's
but proved too sturdy to completely erase.
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more history.
7 Bunkers Within a Few Miles of Ramstein
West Edge of Miesau
Drive from H-hausen on through Miesau and
make an immediate left on a small road after the
last house on the left in town. Continue 450
meters to the forest. The bunker is on the left a
few meters into the trees. Look just past it for
humps on each side of the road where a gate
probably stood.  This was an important bunker
which protected the NE corner of the German
ammunition depot which extended for miles
south and west. Check the satellite view to see
ammo bunkers still visible inside the huge
depot grounds; this bunker is at an approximately
1 o'clock position. I walked past it for years until
my landlady pointed it out to me. The photo to
the R shows the view from the top with the
depot on the left. This ammo depot was very
heavily bombed toward the end of the war.
This photo of the spot looks SE, with
the sawmill complex visible in the
background. The road is behind me.
Coming from the A62 Autobahn
exit on L356 toward Ramstein,
turn left toward Steinwenden at
the sawmill corner. Turn off
Bergstrasse on Hauptstrasse and
then left on Waldstrasse
continuing all the way to the end.
Park, and walk left on the dirt
road. The bunker is a few meters
on the right. One local said it's a
WWI bunker, another said it's a
WWII bunker. Historically it's is
likely a WWII bunker but the
location away from major
roads/intersections is unusual.
West Edge of Hutschenhausen
Turn west on L356 and drive to the east end of
Hutschenhausen. Just after the last house in
town, bear right on Taubenweiheweg. The
bunker is at the edge of the field to the right. It
was recently exposed during gas line construction
and looks like it could extend 35-40 meters
behind the corner where Mo is standing. It was
used as an air raid shelter for local people.
All of the bunkers on this bunker tour are within a 20 minute drive of Ramstein. Allow a few
hours to see them all and wear long pants due to sticker bushes. We recommend starting in
Weltersbach and finishing up in Lambsborn.  An obs point and a patch of dragons' teeth are
included as they're right on the way.
Start with a look at the bunker map.
South of Weltersbach 800 Meters
No bunker here, but probably an old machine gun
emplacement. Driving back the way you came on
Bergstrasse, pull off on a dirt road to the left as you
exit the forest at the top of the hill. About 10
meters in from the dirt road, look for an obvious
round depression about 6-10 feet in diameter. This
is typical of machine gun stands in obs points in this
area. Note the  360 degree visual field. Often there
will be foxholes and
"Kochbunker Ringstand"  
single-man bunkers in the area but it's being logged
and we didn't find any.
Eichelscheiderhof Area
No, due to the lack of roof protection, that's probably a
potato cellar, not a bunker. But lots of WWII events
happened here - check out the
Eichelscheiderhof page for
directions to this historic farm. There IS a wonderful
bunker nearby, though. As you drive out from the farm
entrance, turn left and follow the road until it crosses the
water barrier. Because the bunker is on Army ground
photos are prohibited. This almost intact bunker
overlooked the old German/French border strip and did
dual duty protecting the ammo depot. The water (right) is
not a river but a manmade antitank water obstacle called a
Panzergraben. The dam outlet mechansim is worth a look,
too. Some areas of this water barrier still have concrete
sides. The entire area was heavily bombed, with
two US
planes downed just in this area.
There is a bunker clearly visible on the bluff to the right as the road ascends going east out of
town. We haven't looked at this one closely yet.
Lambsborn has not only several bunkers but an intact
patch of dragons' teeth nearby. The map below shows the
amazing number of fortifications in 1938, which were
personally inspected by Hitler in May 1939. The bunker
at the right overlooked the town and was only on of
many.  For directions and more lots more info, check out
Lambsborn page.
There are many many more bunkers to see, and several bunker museums. The Westwall
Museum near Pirmasens, the Westwall Museum in Bad Bergzabern, and the Katzenkopf
bunker museum
in Irrel, Germany are all worth a visit.