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"What a hell of a way to die. I think I'm
paralyzed", said Patton after the auto accident
which caused his death twelve days later in
Heidelberg Germany. His wife followed his
request to be buried with his men, and a
chaplain repeated one of Patton's favorite
sayings as the casket was lowered, "Death is
as light as a feather..."
Hamm Luxembourg native Francis DuMont (left)
attended the funeral as a young boy, and is the
altar boy on the right in the photo above left and
wearing a cap in the front row above. He
remembers the first Co. Commander of the
soldiers at the cemetery liked the local church
services so much he put $2 in the hat and passed
it amongst his soldiers, giving the proceeds to the
priest. Thanks to Mr. DuMont for sharing his
photos in November 2008.
(right) Mo & Ann Shields with
cemetery staff Erwin Franzen
now-retired cemetery
superintendant Lee Atkinson.
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knowledge and stories with us
and our guests all these years
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