In July 2011, we tried to match the 1956 photos with the terrain today.  New houses have
been built between the south edge of the village and the crash site, and the highway south of
town has been moved about a meter or more to the right (east).  But the broad meadow west
of town where LT Meli was likely hoping to land his plane, has not changed.
Then and Now in Schopp Germany
The houses on the left in above and below
photos are new since 1956. This area above was
the primary debris field
The jet exploded just across the street, and
scorched the front of these houses
Looking north toward Schopp, with debris
field on the left.
Haus Heitzmann (white) and Haus Schuck
(yellow). Two young women and a child
were slightly injured in these houses.
The plane hit a tree where the bush is now,  
and exploded forward and to the right into
the field. The houses are all new.
Looking back toward Schopp across the debris
field. The plane exploded a few houses behind
the new white house on the right.
Thanks to Uwe Benkel for use of his schematic, and to Patrick Zenke for his help with the photos