More Witnesses to War
Tony Vaccaro took over 7000 photos as he crossed Europe as
an Infantryman in the 83rd Infantry Division. After the war he
photographed post-war Germany for the Stars & Stripes until
1949. He has three beautiful books of photographs and his
unique personal experiences.
WWII vets visiting Luxembourg in 2007 including Army
Nurse Hope Kirkendall in the center
Panzergrenadier Horst Przybilski was pulled to safety by a GI
after being severely wounded in Jan 1945. A stint as a POW in
Massachusetts and life in the DDR followed. Many times he
wondered about the enemy soldier who saved his life that day -
and in June 2005 he finally met him.
Ike Refice fought his way from France to Czechoslovakia with
the 319 Inf. Reg. of the 80th Division. Along the way he saved
a German armored Infantryman's life during a fierce winter
battle...and became friends with him over sixty years later.
Lothar Kuntz and his Huetschenhausen friends pointed their
wooden weapons at some planes in March 1945 while playing
war. A few minutes later they were under attack from two
British Spitfires. Herr Kuntz shares his wartime memories of
growing up during a difficult time.